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No Man's Land

Inspired by a true story, No Man’s Land is a story of two worlds: a world of order and discipline, where everyone has a pre-destined role to play and no-one steps out of line. And a second world: chaotic, colourful, with the possibility of freedom and the chance to become anyone you want – but at a cost. It’s a story of choice, struggle, and hope; of belonging, families, and friendships.


In a time when walls are going up and borders are being closed; when millions of people are risking their lives to leave homes where they’re not safe, to try and create new beginnings in strange lands; we ask – what world would I choose, what risks would I take, and what can I do to make strangers, friends?

​Concept, Direction & Choreography: Rachel Birch-Lawson

Composer & Musical Director: Nicola Chang

Co-Choreographer & Rehearsal Director: Khyle Eccles

Designer: Sophie Barlow

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