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Terra  Nova

In 1910 the crew of the Terra Nova set sail for the Antarctic, hoping to be the first people ever to reach the South Pole. A final team of five travelled on foot for months through blizzards, across ice mountains and crevasses, only to find another expedition had beaten them by 34 days. The group perished on the return journey, 11 miles from safety.


Their story has captured our imagination ever since. What really happened, and could it have been any different? With hundreds of diaries, letters, biographies, and autobiographies – whose version do we trust? Who is a reliable narrator, a morally reliable narrator? And what is morality at the bottom of the world?

Writer, Director, Co-Choreographer: Rachel Birch-Lawson

Composer & Musical Director: Adam Gerber

Co-Choreographer & Rehearsal Director: Khyle Eccles

Light Designer: Danny Vavrecka

Associate Designer: Yi Wen LIm

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