Photo: Rosie Powell Freelance

Unassailable Us

A relationship that has flourished, struggled, changed and grown: the story of Unassailable Us is a story that belongs to anyone who has ever been in love. A duet about love, play, vulnerability, need, gender, expectation, effort and support, about the facades we put up for the world and the cracking and crumbling happening underneath.

Choreography and performance: Rachel Birch-Lawson and Khyle Eccles

Design: Sophie Barlow

Sound: James Keane

Lighting designer: Cat Webb

Dramaturg: Lou Cope

"So organic, so beautiful to watch. I feel you conveyed far more with your bodies than could ever be conveyed with words. So magical and moving to see such true and visceral dance. It's life." - Audience member

"rich, gritty and poetic" - Director, Omnibus Theatre

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